Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dalyan Kaunos

Dalyan is located between the ancient city of Kaunas and the canal bounding Koycegiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea. Access to the Lycia Rock-Cut Tombs (dating back to the 4th Century BC and set in cliffs) is attainable by boats which pick their way along the river flowing through labyrinths of reeds. Dalyan is a "natural paradise" with its thermal springs, healthy mud baths, 110 different species of palms (the most important being the Blue Raffia), 700 different species of culture plants, and most importantly 154 bird species (including some on the verge of extinction). Visitors can taste the most delicious sea food, such as bass, gilt head bream, blue mullet, and grey mullet, while deriving pleasure from the untouched bays.

From Leslie!

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