Friday, October 1, 2010

Farm Scene

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Low Country Boil

South Carolina and Georgia Coastline
Along the South Carolina and Georgia Coastline shrimp boats bring their daily catch of fresh local shrimp to area restaurants and seafood markets. Pictured are shrimp boats docked at Hudson's Dock.
I actually mailed this one to myself!


former home of John and Gertrude Pitcain. Architects: Carrere and Hastings, Landscape: Olmsted. Completed in 1895
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Back to School

My son actually got this from his teacher before school started.

Happy Birthday!

From my good penpal in Germany, Simone!


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The Crystal Palace

Located in the Fair Grounds on Main Street, Picton, Ont.
This building, built in 1887, is a scaled down version of Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace built in 1851 for the Great Exhibition in London, England. Built of timber, instead of iron like the original, it hearkens back to the "Days of the Empire". Many copies were constructed following the Great Exhibition but this is possibly the only one to have survived in North America.
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