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C-H-I-C-K-E-N, that's the way you spell chicken!
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Shawnee National Forest - Lusk Creek Wilderness Area

Beautiful view in the Lusk Creek Wilderness Area, in Southern Illinois
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Santa Barbara

Background photo is the Mission Santa Barbara and the two front photos are views of the Historic Courthouse.
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Church of the Kazan Mother of God
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Masao Shimojima Collection

"The Military Use Rubber Boots - Endurance Guaranteed", early 20thC
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Universal Studios Theme Park

With an incredible array of rides, shows, movie sets and attractions, Universal Studios is the No. 1 Movie Studio and Theme Park in the World. Universal Studios is the only place on Earth where you can Ride the Movies!
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Columbia River Gorge

Beautiful Columbia River Gorge dividing Oregon and Washington.

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Alexander Fleming

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Nelly Custis Bedroom

Nelly Custis, Martha Washington's granddaughter, was raised at Mount Vernon by the Washingtons, and she and her husband also lived at Mount Vernon during the first two years of their marriage. The crib was given to Nelly by Martha Washington, for Nelly's first child, who was born at Mount Vernon in 1799.Via swap-bot: Quotecard Postcard #36, thanks to warholastoria (The world is too dangerous for anything but the truth and too small for anything but love. William Sloane Coffin)


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Hong Kong, 1970's

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The Legend of the Sand Dollar

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English Country Doors

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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Molen "De Berg"
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Evora, Portugal

S. Francisco Royal Church/Bones Chapel
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New York

The Statue of Liberty, unveiled in 1886, stands 300 feet tall on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor welcoming visitors to the United States and overlooking the skyscrapers of Manhattan in the background.
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Swissotel, 1989
Architects: Harry Weese and Associates

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Fryslan, Holland

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Earlham College

Richmond, Indiana
Founded in 1847
Tyler Hall, Lilly Library, Carpenter Hall, Dennis Hall and Noyes Hall.
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Donald Evans


Tercentenary of the island mountain of the deaf 1665-1965.
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This covered bridge is located in Mohican State Park, Ashland County.
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Taiwan Funf for Children and Families

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Steamboat Willie

Walt Disney once said that Mickey was "created for the purposes of laughter." From the moment Walt first imagines him, Mickey has been a happy reminder that a little laughter goes a long way, it's hard to imagine the world without his familiar smile.

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