Monday, March 30, 2009

Turkish Market

This is a typical Turkish Market.

From my friend, Leslie!


From postcrossing. ID # LT-28507
My first card from this country!

MTV's Jackass

NOT my type of movie, but I recieved this card from Costa Rica.

From the Unusual postcard swap on Swap bot!

California Redwoods

Wild flowers scatter Northern California's coastline with a variety of colors.

From the Any Kind postcard swap on Swap-bot.

British Sausage Week!

This card makes me hungry!

From angelwings9, via postcard cafe!

Cappadocia, Turkey

From my friend, Leslie


Sweet little card:

Sent from Finland, via postcrossing. ID # FI-510336

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ephesus, Turkey
From my friend, Leslie.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Another postcard of the church in Cappadocia.

From my friend, Leslie.


These are mosaics from the cave churches in Cappadocia, from the 1100's.

From my friend, Leslie.

Chora Museum in Istanbul

A church from around 1000.

From my friend, Leslie!

Loannina, Greece

This city is at the Northwest area of Greece. Some people choose to live on the island year round and they pass to the mainland with boats and platforms.

Sent from Katerina, via postcrossing. ID # GR-5056

Japanese Rice Fields

This picture was taken near Hasami and Arita.

Sent from Kimerbly, via postcrossing. ID # US-351105

Great Smoky Mountains

"Hanging Out In The Smokies!"

Sent, via swap-bot in the Any Kind Postcard Swap, from Kela.

King Louie

Lousiville's White Alligator

From a private swap, sent by Rose.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Silly Cat Card

"A Sad Tale With a Happy Ending - Papa Cat Turns Over a New Leaf."

Text reads "Good morning my dear. What gets you up so early?"

This card is numbered and signed by the artist, Frederick Arthur Yohe.

From Shinianen, via swap-bot, in the Unusual Postcard Swap

Stay Fit!

This card is depicting ways to help you stay fit. Why chess is on there, I don't know.
Sent ffrom Mary, via swap-bot in the Any Kind Postcard Swap!

Cabazon, California

Look out, they're hungry!!! Be sure to visit dinosaur delights gift shop located inside the Apatosaurus directly behind the Wheel Inn Restaurant 17 miles west of Palm Springs, California.

From Elizabeth, via swap-bot in the Unusual Postcard Swap!

Hand Stamped Card

This was stamped, using hand carved rubber stamps.

Made and sent by alteredtome, vis swap-bot's Any Kind Postcard Swap

Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse, Michigan

Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse is located along the Lake Huron shore at the tip of Michigan's "thumb". The surrounding area, Lighthouse Park, is an excellent recreational facility and museum maintained by Huron County.
From Monique, via postcrossing. ID # US-356766

Sculpture, Boston, Massachutsetts

Says, "American Union Preserved, African Slavery Destroyed, By The Uprising of a Great People, By The Blood of Fallen Heroes"

From cranialbleeding, via Swap-bot's unusual postcard swap.

Old Istanbul

Galata Bridge 19th cantury Istanbul.

From Alex, via postcrossing. ID # TR-16460

Landshut, Germany

Landshut, founded in 1204 by Duke Ludwig of Baravia.

View across the river Isar towards the St. martin's Church, the Fortress of Trausnitz and the City Theatre in the so called "Bernlocher".

From Eva, vis postcrossing. ID # DE-291686

Disney's Cars

My son was very excited to see this card in my mail stack the other day:

This was sent, via swap-bot, from the any postcard swap, from zetaviya.