Thursday, March 1, 2012

Czech Republic

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Puffing Billy

in The Dandenong Ranges
It is very rare to see two "Puffing Billy" engines "back to back". Crossing old-style timber bridges is one of many highlights on the famous steam train.
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American Airlines 747 Astroliner

*blogger note: My son, Daniel, has started swapping postcards on postcrossing, also. He wanted me to add his cards to my blog. He's 4, so many of his cards will probably be oriented to his age. I'll be giving an extra tag to the cards that are his.*

The Museum of Modern Art
Peter Gee. British, born 1932. American Airlines 747 Astroliner. 1968. Lithograph, 40x30". The museum of modern art. Gift of the designer.
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From Leslie!

Czech Republic

From Leslie!

Start Living

(The oval graphic in the middle is also a car decal!)

From Leslie!

Good Habits

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Funny Animals

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Köln (or Cologne), Germany

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Paseo De Iloilo

A love dance wherein several gentlemen viw for the young maiden who took a stroll late afternoon in a public plaza. This courtship dance is from the island of Panay, revealing its far off origin, Andaluz, Spain.
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People in a Bar

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