Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This beautiful card came from my friend, Leslie!
The Tombs of Attar and Kamal-ol Molk, Naishabor, Khorasan Province.

Gottingen, Germany

Universitatsstadt GOTTINGEN. Blick zum Marketplaz.

For the non German speakers, this is the Old Town Hall and Marketplace of Gottengen.

Via postcrossing. ID# DE-286722

Paper Honeycomb Chairs

This card came from New York City. The Museum of Modern Art, to be exact. This depicts an armchair, made from honeycomb folded paper. Weird? Yes! This is why I love it! The artist is Tokujin Yoshioka.
Received, via postcrossing. ID # US-348564

A Duck on a Bed

This silly card came all the way from Finland, via postcrossing! Artist is Kaj Stenvall. ID: FI-

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge connects the lower peninsula to the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Received, via postcardcafe, from Billinaction!


The 3rd and final postcard in the Posties From Christmas Cards Swap:

Received from Leann, via swap-bot!

Tower of London

Awesome painting by Bernard Buffet

Received, via postcardcafe from irradescent.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal
via postcrossing, ID PT-70914

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Jersey

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

This stretch of New Jersey coastline, once a hideout for the pirate, Captain Kidd, offers beaches for swimming, fishing and picnics. "Old Barney", the historic Barnegat lighthouse, is also located on the island.

This card was received, via postcardcafe, from d0se.

Valentine Chocolate

Doesn't this card look yummy?

I got this card via postcardcafe, with thanks to bunnersn1!

New Hope

North Main Street

Old historic houses which have been converted into distinctive shops, galleries and resaurants line the streets of New Hope in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

via postcardcafe, thanks to y_am_ihere00

Wild Missouri

Canada Geese in Sunset
Beautiful scenes like this are common on numerous lakes throughout the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks.

via postcrossing

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Orleans

Here's a cool little freaky card, from miss_kitty_585 on livejournal, via postcardcafe Round 1!


Here's another of the Christmas card postcards. As of today, I'm still waiting on one more to arrive. I'll post it as soon as it shows up!

Nativity Scene

In swap-bot, I participated in a swap where we made postcards out of some fo the Christmas cards we received. Here is one that someone sent to me...

South Africa

My good penpal, in South Africa sent me this one:

Random Holiday Card

This is just a postcard someone randomly sent me...I don't even know why, but it's pretty!


London Eye and the Houses of Parliament:

From my friend Laine! :)


General view of Igueldo Mountain in the evening:

via postcrossing

Fulkland Islands

Actually from someone in the USA

Flower card

from someone in Canada...via postcrossing...



This is of a couple stadiums in Michigan.


I actually got this one, via postcrossing from a person in Germany.

Castle in Finland

San Antonio, Texas


A very popluar cartoon in Finland


A desert

I don't where the picture of this card is from, but I got it via postcrossing, form a person in Germany.


Navona Square
via postcrossing

Los Angeles

via postcrossing


My dream...vis postcrossing


Helsinki, via post crossing


Virgina's Presidents


via postcrossing


Via postcrossing.

I impressed myself with this card, cause it was totally written in Spanish and I was able to understand it!


via Postcrossing


via postcrossing

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