Friday, October 23, 2009

Shanghai Old Traditions

On the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, people give melon to the married couple suffered from the illness of infertility as a gift with token to wish them to have a baby next year.
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Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saines-Maries

by Vincent van Gogh

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Amber Alert

Since 1997, the Amber Alert program has been credited with the safe recovery of 426 children.
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Grand Rapids

A leader in technology, furniture printing and education, Grand Rapids is West Michigan's leading city. Pictured is the skyline of downtown Grand Rapids with the Grand River in the foreground.

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Summer Tree

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Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Houston, Texas

This is Mission Control! It is from here, the LBJ Space Center, that NASA flight controllers monitor events occurring on space flights. The space center also serves as a "retirement" center. Flight hardware that has been retired and too large to store indoors is displayed at Rocket Park.

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Serene Homestead

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West Virginia Cultural Center

State Capitol Complex
Charleston, West Virginia

An ultra modern white marble and granite $14 million facility, dedicated to the promotion of West Virginia's performing arts, culture, history and science.
More than 200,000 artifacts and millions of published volumes of state significance are housed here. A Superb museum, complete with educational rooms, covers all periods of West Virginia's development up to the present day...a mecca for historians and artists.

(card was published in 1987)

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